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Värmestuga Malmö is an initiative where Red Cross Malmö, Kontrapunkt, Mariakyrkan, Stadsmissionen Malmö and City of Malmö comes together to create a place where people without a home can take a shower, get a warm meal, be social and rest for the night.

The number of homeless in Malmö is rising, and still, the city of Malmö has cut support for places to sleep from their budget the last years. This year, they decided to support Värmestuga Malmö by including them in the budget.

Even though this is a big win, a Värmestuga is just a short term solution. In the spring, people will be back in the streets, with no safe place to go.

Everyone has the right to a safe place to sleep for the night, a place to live, a job to go to and a social context.

Do you want to support Värmestuga Malmö?


Swish: 123 499 13 94
BG: 286 - 4726
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This issue obviously lays close to my heart, and I did not hesitate for a second when I got the question to make the logo and colour palette for Värmestuga Malmö. It has been an honour, and a very fun project.

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