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I'm Elsa and I love branding, making surface patterns, layouting printed media and illustrations.

My educational back pack contains both product and graphic design, but I ended up as a graphic designer and illustrator, who works mainly digitally. 

For me, there is something so satisfying with having an infinite canvas and endless possibilities within digital media, you can always go back, rearrange & develop.

I'm really good with vector illustrations, layout, surface pattern design, branding and logotypes. Webdesign and coding on the other hand, not so much.

I'm open for new commissions from April 2023.

Quick facts

Location: Malmö, Sweden
Favourite food: Anything crispy
Desired superpower: Flying

Favourite colour: Yellow
Favourite drink: Fruity sour beer

This or that

Winter / Summer

Bar / Club
Pop /

Windows / iOS

Dog / Cat

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