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Lupinta is a food tech startup based in Malmö that aims to replace the imported soy from outside of EU with meat substitutes made from local and organic lupin beans. 

I started my journey with Lupinta by doing an internship april-july 2019 as a Graphic Designer. I created the logo, graphic manual, business cards, roll up, brochure and package design sticker. 

I was also the project manager for Lupintas participation during Malmöfestivalen in august 2019, a city festival with music, culture and food where we sold our lupin based dishes. I designed the graphics for the tent, such as the menu and all the other signs, as well as creating all the recipes, planned the structures in the tent, organized deliveries of food and other materials. I of course had help from the amazing team at Lupinta!

The last weeks of my internship I helped with the visuals, recipes and copy for Lupintas website together with the master mind behind of the website: Anja Sergeeva!


July 2020 I was hired by Lupinta again and worked as a Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager for one year. During this time I redesigned their packaging designs, made an in store marketing campaign, designed brochues, took pictures and layouted ads for magazines, planned and produced engaging content on Lupintas social media channels including a big give away campaign and influencer marketing.

I'm super happy to have had the pleasure to work at Lupinta, what you learn in the startup community can in my opinion not be learnt anywhere else. It's hard, fun and rewarding.

The pictures below represents a few of the projects I did during my two periods at Lupinta.

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Packaging design 2019

Product photo styling 2019

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